From as little as £150 per month!

How much does it cost?

The CommsBox™ application is hosted in the cloud and provided as a service. You don't need to run servers, you don't need to install any software. We: run the servers; develop and update the software; maintain real-time backups and daily archives. All you have to do is look after your content and watch your reputation grow!

CommsBox Subscriptions

CommsBox is provided for a monthly subscription and is available in either Standard or Premium edition. Choose the level that best matches your requirements. You can upgrade at any time as your business needs evolve.

Set-up and design costs

We charge an up-front cost to design and implement your bespoke CommsBox™ web-site.

Because all our sites are designed specifically for you the costs will vary from customer to customer.

Design costs start from as little £795 and rise depending on the complexity of the site design. If you're happy with your existing site design we can move that onto the CommsBox platform.

Marketing, planning, copy-writing

Despite the best of intentions many of us are just too busy to give our web-site the attention it deserves - there is a business to run!

We can help! We can do as much or as little as you need.

No in-house marketing? We can provide full on-line and traditional marketing services

Want to do it in-house but don't quite have the skills? Talk to us about coaching.

Going through a busy period? We can keep your blog alive for you by writing articles on your behalf

Take a look at our full range of marketing services

What you get...

The table on the right shows the features available in the different subscription levels and below you can see the appropriate usage limits.

Prices start from as little as £150+VAT per month and all subscriptions include unlimited emails.

CommsBox Prices and Usage Limits (per month)
Base price £150 £350
Contacts included 1,000 1,000
Additional contacts (up to 5,000) £50/1,000
Contacts over 5,000 £25/1000
Contacts over 15,000 (up to 30K) £20/1000
Page requests 100K 100K
Emails Unlimited Unlimited

Every organisation is different so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Prices include: software upgrades and feature enhancements; bug fixes; real-time backups and site management.

All of our software is developed in-house in the UK so we can offer customised functionality to suit our customers requirements including:

  • helping you automate your business processes on the web
  • providing bespoke graphic design and animations
CommsBox Subscriptions
Cloud storage yes yes
Real-time backups yes yes
Daily off-site backups yes yes
Hosted in the UK yes yes
Content Management
Create/edit content yes yes
Update site menus yes yes
Image library yes yes
Image editor yes yes
Document store yes yes
Contact page yes yes
Link checker yes yes
Create/edit articles yes yes
Moderate comments yes yes
Article email to contacts yes yes
Email notification of comments yes yes
Commentators captured to CRM yes yes
RSS feed yes yes
Publication scheduler yes yes
Search Engine Optimation (SEO)
Built in SEO tools yes yes
Automatic site-map generation yes yes
SEO navigator yes yes
Calls To Action (CTA)
Form designer   yes
Intelligent form fields   yes
Auto-categorisation of leads   yes
Contact and lead management (CRM)
Create/edit/remove contacts yes yes
Import existing leads yes yes
Organise contacts into lists yes yes
Custom fields yes yes
Post-code searches yes yes
Random sampling yes yes
Contact relationships yes yes
Data export yes yes
Record contact reports yes yes
Integrated with forms yes yes
Data de-duplication yes yes
Schedule contact reminders yes yes
Share with whole team yes yes
Send/track contact emails   yes
Record received email   yes
Real-time contact tracking   yes
Create login accounts   yes
Email Marketing
Multiple templates yes yes
Embed images yes yes
Track all emails yes yes
Intelligent bounce processing yes yes
Full campaign reporting yes yes
Customise with 'mail-merge' yes yes
Target with specific messages yes yes
Marketing Automation
Automatically schedule email campaigns yes yes
'Story Board' work-flows   yes
'inactivity' emails   yes
categorise contacts according to behaviour   yes
Marketing Analytics
Google Analytics integration yes yes
Google WebMaster Tools integration yes yes
Detailed page trace per lead   yes

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

† all prices exclude VAT which will be added at the prevailing rate


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