Contact Capture and Data Collection

Your want prospective customers to do more than look at your site, you want to build a dialog with them. To do this you need to know more about them. From a simple email address you want to learn who they are, their interests, their needs. Creating ways to interact is essential to convert visitors into a loyal tribe.

Using the CommsBox form-builder you can easily build landing pages to capture visitor data to use in future conversion campaigns. Prospects will easily be able to sign up for blogs, newsletters, email lists and offers. Once a form has been completed CommsBox captures the data into one easily accessible, built in CRM system. No need to transfer between one marketing tool and another and no messy management of separate lists, bounce addresses and opt-outs. CommsBox will help you to keep all of this data organised. Not all your leads will come through the web. You may have a retail shop, or collect customer details at exhibitions or when networking. Using the same CommsBox interface, you can easily add these contacts into your integrated CRM database, considerably streamlining your future marketing efforts and encouraging good business practice.
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Why CommsBox™ for Data Collection?

Build a detailed profile for each of your contacts for powerful, personalised campaigns.

  • landing pages with data collection customised for each campaign
  • use 'intelligent fields' in conjunction with CommsBox contact tracking to hide fields where data is already known
  • trigger individual contact "story boards" to personalise your campaign
  • define actions to take when the form is submitted:
    • add recipient tothe CRM system for marketing purposes
    • augment existing contact record with additional record (data discovery)
    • move contacts between your email lists
    • email form fields to nominated administrators
    • collect data into the CRM system as a contact report
    • collect data into a spreadsheet for download/offline marketing/fulfilment
  • decide which fields you want in the form:
    • standard CRM fields
    • form-custom fields
  • design/nominate a form completion landing page
  • decide whether to send new contacts an activation/confirmation email

About Us

CommsBox was designed by YellowHawk Ltd in response to the needs of some rather large corporate and government clients. But then we realised we had something that small and medium sizes businesses could also use to fuel their growth.

It's really important that you know, like and trust the businesses you deal with. So we promise that you can always get to know us, and hopefully grow to like and trust us. We have an open door policy at our offices, and you can drop by any time (just drop us a line first – so we can get the kettle on!).

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