CommsBox™ Data Collection Forms

Form designer

Your website should encourage your visitors to take some action. That action could be to part with some information (for subsequent marketing activities) or could be to sign-up for an event.

Many goals will involve your visitor completing a form. The CommsBox™ data collection tool allows you to design forms to run on your website (either as part of CommsBox or as part of a third party site) that will allow you to capture data from your visitors.

Because the form management system is an integral part of CommsBox it builds on existing CRM and email marketing features allowing you to integrate your form data with other areas of your site.

The form designer allows you:

  • design a form for a specific activity
  • define what actions to take when the form is submitted:
    • add recipient to CRM system for marketing purposes
    • add to a specific contact list
    • email form fields to nominated administrators
    • collect data into the CRM system as a contact report
    • collect data into a spreadsheet for download/offline marketing/fulfilment
  • decide which fields you want in the form:
    • standard CRM fields
    • form-custom fields
  • design/nominate a form completion landing page
  • whether to send new contacts an activation link email

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