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Marketing automation allows you to automate some or all of your online communications.  Email marketing communications are triggered by the online interactions of your contacts with your website, forms and landing pages. 

Commsbox integrates email marketing tools with your content marketing, list management and CRM.  Detailed analytics show you every link clicked and every page visited by your contacts.  The key benefits are

  • More relevant and timely communication
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell
  • Saving time and money
  • Greater customer insights
  • Increased revenue.

Using Commsbox Story Boards you can take your contacts on a personalised customer journey based on the actions they take on your email or on your website.

The more you know about your contacts the more specific and tailored your communictions become, deepening the relationship. And because it’s automated it can all happen whilst you sleep – or get on with other important business.

A typical marketing automation campaign starts with a digital marketing activity, for example a social media post, display advertising or search engine marketing that leads a prospect to a landing page.  The visitor is then taken on an automated journey.  An example is given in the diagram below.

Customer journey

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Why CommsBox™ for Marketing Automation?

Create an individual customer journey in response to their specific interests and needs.

  • Start stories for:
  • Change the journey based on user behaviour
  • Start new stories as you discover more about your contacts
  • Design "inactivity stories" - send an email when you don't have any contact with a specific lead
  • CommsBox is available either as an integral part of a CommsBox responsive website, or as a plug-in for your existing website

About Us

CommsBox was designed by YellowHawk Ltd in response to the needs of some rather large corporate and government clients. But then we realised we had something that small and medium sizes businesses could also use to fuel their growth.

It's really important that you know, like and trust the businesses you deal with. So we promise that you can always get to know us, and hopefully grow to like and trust us. We have an open door policy at our offices, and you can drop by any time (just drop us a line first – so we can get the kettle on!).

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