CRM and Contact Management

Capture and manage contact data with CommsBox™ CRM to build powerful digital marketing campaigns. The beauty of digital marketing is the ability to closely match your offering to the needs of the your audience.  

CommsBox™ allows you to build a CRM database to suit your business with custom data fields. From here you can segment your contacts into separate lists for highly targetted campaigns.

When messages are more specific to your clients' needs they are more likely to take the actions that convert them to loyal advocates. CommsBox™ CRM gives you a real-time single customer view - know which contacts visited which pages and when. This detailed insight into individual customers is vital for effective sales follow-up, on and off-line.


Why CommsBox™ CRM?

Make your contact lists easy to access, update and manage

  • CRM  intergrated with email marketing - no copying lists
  • Single database shared by everyone
  • Automatic email address management
  • Cloud based access available from the office or on the road
  • Automatically record website contacts
  • Avoid potentially expensive mistakes incurred when synchronising multiple systems

Other key features you'll find include:

  • Upload existing contacts via spreadsheet
  • UK addresses 'geo-located' by postcode enabling distance based searches
  • Define 'custom' fields against contact records
  • Maintain multiple contact lists with each contact in any number of lists
  • Record contact reports and follow-up reminders (alerts or alarms)
  • Export contacts for off-line marketing or for integration with third party CRM systems

About Us

CommsBox was designed by YellowHawk Ltd in response to the needs of some rather large corporate and government clients. But then we realised we had something that small and medium sizes businesses could also use to fuel their growth.

It's really important that you know, like and trust the businesses you deal with. So we promise that you can always get to know us, and hopefully grow to like and trust us. We have an open door policy at our offices, and you can drop by any time (just drop us a line first – so we can get the kettle on!).

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