Customer Insights and Analytics

Extend knowledge of your customers beyond Google Analytics. CommsBox™ gives you additional insights into individual prospects’ online behaviour. CommsBox™ will track your contacts detailing the visits they make, the offers they take up, the emails they click on.

For every individual you'll see the links that have been clicked, the pages they have visited, the actions they took and the point at which they "dropped out". Vital information in understanding how your prospective customers respond to your communications allowing you to refine your message, track the response and improve your conversion ratio.

To help you get the most from this vital information on your leads we provide a summarised engagement report showing which of your leads are warming up and which are cooling off!

CommsBox reporting and analytics

Why CommsBox™ Analytics?

Gain a detailed insight into each individual contact's behaviour by tracking their entire journey from email to last page viewed

  • Per customer detailed report across all campaigns
  • Full reporting of open, clicks and bounces from emails
  • Individual contact histrory including
    • All emails read
    • All links clicked
    • All pages viewed
    • All contact reports
  • Real-time tracking
  • 'Track back' analytics
    • Page views tracked for anonymous visitors
    • When a contact is identified (email link licked or form completed) history is assigned to contact record

About Us

CommsBox was designed by YellowHawk Ltd in response to the needs of some rather large corporate and government clients. But then we realised we had something that small and medium sizes businesses could also use to fuel their growth.

It's really important that you know, like and trust the businesses you deal with. So we promise that you can always get to know us, and hopefully grow to like and trust us. We have an open door policy at our offices, and you can drop by any time (just drop us a line first – so we can get the kettle on!).

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