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Marketing is no longer about telling and selling. You need to be easy to find through search engines. Your content strategy is vital to search engine success and CommsBox SEO tools will help you optimise the on-page elements to tick some important search engine boxes.

Website copy should include the keywords your prospects search for. Check you are using the right keywords with the keyword density tool. Use the content management tools to update your keywords and create search tags for each page. Your link strategy can help to increase your search presence but it can be hard to track if not all your links are working. At the touch of a button the CommsBox link-checker will highlight any broken links.

SEO Report

Why CommsBox™ SEO?

CommsBox makes sure you have all the tools and guidance you need to get the best possible performace from your site:

  • Integrated dynamic page analyser which will highlight problems with your content
  • Human and machine readable (XML) site-map ensuring search engines find all of your content
  • Full control over key meta-tags directly from CommsBox
  • Lean page design allowing search engines to focus on your content and not on page decoration

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