Discover CommsBox Marketing Automation

Understand your customers’ behaviour and improve their online journey for greater sales and marketing success.


CommsBox sales and marketing automation software gives you detailed insights on individual customer behaviour.  Our analytics will help you to understand, rank and manage your contacts by showing you each individual's interaction with your online communications.  Not just on one visit, but across the customer lifetime.

Here are just some of the insights we can give you into your contacts:

  • Which contacts are visiting your site
  • Which contacts are most engaged with your offer
  • Ranking of contact engagement showing which are your hottest leads
  • Where lead came from (Google, Twitter, RSS feed, Email etc)
  • Email links clicked on
  • A history of pages visited and actions taken for each individual contact
  • External links they clicked on to leave your site
  • Dates on which they took each action.

Detailed insights can power meaningful one-to-one personalised campaigns using CommsBox automation tools.

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