CommsBox™ Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

Integrated - all in one place. The CommsBox™ platform provides all the tools you to manage your online reputation. While others waste their time and energy managing multiple disparate systems - one for email, one for website, another for managing contacts and still another for blogging - you'll be using your time to communicate.

CommsBox™ is the all-in-one marketing tool for your online communications. Why's that important?

  • do more with less - either less time or less marketing budget
  • a single consistent user interface
  • centrally managed opt-out database
  • no address lists to synchronise resulting in to better data accuracy
  • your content, your blog, your tools all on a single URL
  • all data held in a single application in the cloud by a by a single UK organisation - vastly simplifying your obligations under the data protection act.

Simple!. Why not talk to us now about how CommsBox will improve your business.


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