Contact Management (CRM) in CommsBox™


How do you manage your contacts? Index Cards? Spreadsheets? Outlook address lists?

CommsBox™ offers you a better solution - your contacts managed by the same system that collects your email addresses on-line and provides your email marketing functions. Why use CommsBox™ instead of your current system?

  • CRM intergrated with email marketing - no copying lists
  • single database shared by everyone
  • automatic email address management
  • available from the office or on the road
  • always up to date
  • automatically record website contacts
  • avoid potentially expensive mistakes incurred when synchronising multiple systems

Of course being 'in the cloud' doesn't mean you're short-changed on features. Some of the key features you'll find include:

  • upload existing contacts via spreadsheet
  • UK addresses 'geo-located' by postcode enabling distance based searches
  • define 'user custom' fields against contact records
  • maintain multiple contact lists with each contact in any number of lists
  • record contact reports and follow-up reminders (alerts or alarms)
  • export contacts for off-line marketing

Want to know more? Get in touch now and see how we can help you leverage the value of your contact list,


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