Smart Digital Marketing for Growth

Announcing our Free Half Day Seminar in association with Beanstalk Marketing, Smart Digital Marketing for Growth, Welwyn Garden City, 15th October.

Buyers are changing their behaviour, are you? Commsbox has teamed up with leading integrated marketing agency Beanstalk Marketing for this half day event where we'll be talking about how business can respond to these changes.

Super-fast internet connection, smartphone ownership, easily accessible content are all enabling the consumer to take the buying process into their own hands.  Whereas once you could rely on push marketing via TV, radio and press, you need to ensure that it's your brand that is most easily found on your consumer's next Google search, and that you capture and nurture those leads.  

Smart digital marketers now need to focus on five things:

  • being in the right place at the right time when the consumers' search begins
  • having relevant information available to help consumers in the buying process
  • capturing their details, so that they do a little more than window shop
  • segmenting prospects to ensure the right proposition for each visitor
  • nurturing the relationship through from initial enquiry to converted sale

Within this environment it's vital that you start to think about what your customer journey looks like, and how to manage it.  We've put together a half day seminar to help you to understand

How buyers are changing and how you should respond

Buying behaviour has changed significantly in recent years. Buyers now take much more control of how they research potential solutions, and often do not engage with potential suppliers until they are at least 60% of the way through the purchasing journey. As such, both sales and marketing functions need to adapt to remain competitive. 

The key digital marketing trends that are emerging as a result

The top five digital marketing commercially important trends identified by SmartInisghts are content marketing, big data and marketing automation, social media and mobile marketing.  

Step-by-step guide to planning an effective campaign

Effective campaign delivery involves the sending of personalised communications to the right people at the right time. We will share our expertise on how you can deliver effective multi-channel marketing campaigns at scale to achieve an increase in lead to sales conversion rates and return on investment.

Building long term relationsihps by understanding online behaviour

Google analytics will tell you a lot about your consumer base in aggregate, but digital marketing becomes really powerful when you can identify and act on the individual behaviours of your most engaged contacts. We'll show you how to make good use of your individual customer data to build long term relationships.

Contact us about future seminars

If you are in any doubt as to the importance of getting your digital marketing strategy right consider these few key facts from Ofcom:

  • 85% of adults in the UK have access to the internet 
  • 66% of households own Smartphones 
  • Google's services are the most visited by UK consumers 
  • However, more time is spent on Facebook properties than Google 
  • Digital advertising represents 39% of all UK advertising expenditure 

Mckinsey identify a number of trends that make it imperative to understand and analyse consumer behaviour in order to succeed.  Amongst the trends they have identified as critical to marketers are:

  • Large amounts of content are accessible to users but is very fragmented making it challenging to get your content seen 
  • A huge diversity in consumer behaviour makes finely tuned segmentation more important than ever 
  • Identifying highest value customers will become a critical business capability 

Making this more complicated is the tendency for consumers to shifts backwards and forwards between the real world and the online world (Warc), often starting the customer journey online and finishing offline, or vice versa. If you want to understand these key trends and how to build campaigns that drive growth.

We had a great attendance at this event and some excellent feedback. If you missed it and would like to know about future events then let us know.

Caroline WrightCaroline is Marketing Director for
CommsBox, marketing automation software.  Her industry experience spans high technology companies, charities, membership organisations and the creative industries. Caroline also works as Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing at the University of Hertfordshire and has been instrumental in setting up their new BA Marketing with Digital Communications.  She also works with postgraduates on MSc Marketing and with professionals taking Chartered Institute of Marketing/CAM Digital Marketing Diploma.You can connect with her on LinkedIn.


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